Buying touch-up paint

Scratches, dings and dents are a natural product of using and loving your Xtracycle. For those looking to patch up these paint chips, getting your hands on a small bottle of touch-up paint can be helpful. Xtracycle unfortunately does not have bottles of our bikes' original touch-up paint available but we do know the next closest Pantone color for most of our models!

Where can I purchase Pantone touch-up paint?
My Perfect Paint is a website that offers a wide range of Pantone paints available in small bottles for a low cost. 

What are the closest Pantone colors for my Xtracycle

Xtracycle Model Xtracycle paint color Closest Pantone match
RFA Sunrise Yellow (glossy) Pantone 15-0956 (Daylily)
Black Out - RFA (glossy) Pantone 19-4305 (Pirate Black)
Vista Blue (glossy) Pantone 15-5210 (Nile Blue)
EdgeRunner (Swoop / Classic / Stoker) Black Out - ER (glossy) Pantone 19-4004 TPG *
Zone Blue (glossy) Pantone 15-5217 (Blue Turquoise)

Twilight Grey (matte) Pantone 18-5806 (Agave Green)

This color appears to be hard to find. Pantone 426-C looks like it might be a good match and can be found here. You might also be able to try Pantone 19-4305 (Pirate Black)

( A quick note about TPG vs. TPX colors: When ordering your paint, for some colors you can order either TPG or TPX. The main difference between these two is TPG paints are being made in a way that better matches the rising global standards for sustainable manufacturing processes.)

What kind of paint should I purchase?
When ordering your touch-up paint, we recommend selecting the following options:
    Select paint type / application: Spray / OEM / Touch-Up Paint
    Paint type: Brush Cap Bottles (1 oz.)
    Sheen: For glossy paint, select Gloss. For matte paint (Stoker only), select Flat.

Are these Pantone colors an exact match? 
No, but they should be close. Our bikes use paints from Y.S. Paint in Taiwan and to our knowledge, small bottles of these paints are not available. Matching colors, especially colors from different brands, is not an easy task and the color match will not be exact. That said, we believe these Pantone colors are as close as it comes and fine for small scratches and dings.

How do I test the Pantone color on my frame to make sure the color match it close enough for me?
Before touching up spots on visible areas, we recommend testing the paint somewhere inconspicuous on your frame. After the paint has dried, if you are comfortable with the matching of the paint, you can then use the paint to touch-up places in more visible areas

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