Roadside Assistance for Your Cargo Bike

What are the options for bicycle roadside assistance?

The best options we are aware of are available across the United States in alphabetical order are:

: Ranging from $70 (Basic) to $169 (Premium) for a two adult household
Bicycle only plans available?: No. Auto service is required but bicycle service comes free with the auto membership.
Service radius: 5 mi. - 200 mi. depending on membership level.
Trips allowed: 4 total trips (bicycle and / or auto) per membership year.
Other travel discounts available: Yes.
Better World Club Price: $39.95 for single person.
Bike only plans available?: Yes.
Services radius: 30 miles.
Trips allowed: 2 trips per membership year. 
Other travel discounts: Yes.

Better World Club (BWC) also has a more detailed chart comparing their services with AAA here. While this chart focuses on their auto service (and will likely be biased since it comes from one of the providers), it gives some good comparisons on a company level. For example, that BWC gives 1% to the environment. The BWC auto plans can have bicycle roadside service added for an additional $17/year. 

Another possible option for service in your area: a local bike shop. Your local bike shop might have a service vehicle for transportation or they might be able to come to you to help fix issues on the road. It's best to research the options in your area before hand that way if the time comes, you will know who to call. 

What CAN bicycle roadside assistance help me with?

In a nutshell, bicycle roadside assistance can essentially transport you to a bike shop for a repair. This is assuming where you are located can be reached by their trucks, that your bike has broken or become inoperable in some way, that it is within the travel radius of the truck (there are limits depending on the service), and that you have service trips remaining (most services some with a set number of trips per year). 

What CAN'T bicycle roadside assistance help me with?

What you can't depend on most bicycle roadside assistance services to do is anything outside of taking you and your bike to a repair shop. Most won't: fix a flat tire; fix something broken on your bike; be able to transport you and your kids (their trucks might not be able to safely transport children requiring car child seats); help you if the road you are on is deemed inaccessible to their trucks; pick you up because you are tired or cannot finish the ride.

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