Ordering replacement Bosch e-bike keys

Loosing an important key is the worst! Especially when it’s your Bosch e-Bike key needed to remove your Xtracycle’s battery packs. All Xtracycle Bosch bikes use ABUS brand locks and keys and as long as you have your ABUS key type, code and profile handy, ordering a replacement key is just a few clicks away!

First things first:

Keep your serial number and key code somewhere safe!

When you first get your bike, it’s crucial that you jot down your Xtracycle’s serial number and your Bosch e-Bike key code and keep this info somewhere safe. When you register your new bike, you will also want to be be sure to include this key code and key profile so we have it on file in case you ever lose your key. If you ordered your bike via the BBOH program after October of 2018, we have this number on file. Simply email support@xtracycle.com and we can get that to you.

What do I need to order a replacement key?

To order your replacement ABUS key, you will need to know your key type, the key code and in the case of the Wafer key, the key profile as well.

Identifying your KEY TYPE

To order your replacement key, it’s important to know what key type is used for your bike. For our bikes, we use one of two key types: the ABUS Plus or the Wafer. Here are what those key types look like on our bikes.

Finding your KEY CODE

The key code is never written anywhere on the actual ABUS lock. It can only be found on the actual key or on the key code card that came with the key. Here is how to find the key code depending on what key you have.

For the ABUS Plus key: This key does not have the key code written anywhere on the key blade. The key code can only be located on the back of the plastic ABUS Plus key code card that came with your keys when you first received them. You will need to reference this card to get the key code. The number will be a 6 digit number that includes no letters.

For the Wafer key: For this key, you will need the key code AND the key profile. Both can be found on the little plastic tag that came on the key ring of your keys. It can also be found etched into the key blade. The key code will be the 4 digit number on top and the key profile will be the alphanumeric number on the bottom.

For those who ordered their bikes via the BBOH Program:
If you do not have your key code handy and you ordered your Xtracycle after October of 2018, we have a record of your key code. Feel free to email us and we can share that with you: support@xtracycle.com.

Ordering your ABUS key

Once you have your ABUS key type, code and profile, you are ready to order your replacement! Simply click on the button below to be taken to the ABUS page where you can order your key.

When you order your key, you might notice that the keys we show above look different than those on ABUS' website. This is simply because ABUS has changed the plastic key head various times but the blade used is identical so the key model will still work. 

If you need additional help in ordering your replacement key from ABUS or you have a question for them, you can reach them via email at customerservice@abus.com or phone at 312-640-1111.

This article was updated January 2020 to include information about the newer ABUS Plus keys.

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