What deck position is best for my Yepp seat?

The key to keeping a long tail cargo bike balanced is to center the weight by having the heaviest cargo and passengers sitting closest to the rider. For this reason, here are our recommendations for Yepp seat placement on the deck:

One child in a Yepp seat, no other children on the deck Install the Yepp seat in the front position, closest to the rider Front adapter
One child in a Yepp seat, an older child or adult riding on the deck Install the Yepp seat in the rear position so the heavier passenger is closest to the rider Rear adapter
Two children in Yepp seats Have the heavier child ride in the Yepp seat closest to the rider Both adapters

If you sometimes ride with just one child in a Yepp but might need to carry an older child or adult every now and again, we recommend having your deck able to have a Yepp seat moved into either the front or rear position. When that Yepp port is not in use, the hole and or adapter can be covered with a MagicCarpet and the deck will be comfortable enough to accommodate a passenger riding on top.

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