Attaching a trailer to your Xtracycle

Attaching a trailer to your cargo bike can make for one epic gear and/or kiddo hauler! There are a few options to up your trailer ante. 

Before we get into the details, let us share some important safety notes. When hauling a trailer, your bike will be long and wide. Be sure you are aware of your limitations in size when riding. Also be sure to secure some kind of safety strap to the trailer and your bike, in case the hitch fails. This will keep you, your passengers and other cyclist and motorists safe. 

Using the hitch for your rear wheel

Chances are your trailer came with a hitch that is intended to be installed on the rear wheel of a regular bike. This hitch can also be installed on the rear wheel of your Xtracycle! 

Here is a Schwinn bike hitch attached to the rear wheel of an EdgeRunner 10e. 

If you are also using U-tubes, you will want to angle the back end of the hitch side U-tube upwards for clearance of the trailer arm. To do this, remove the front and back U-tube screws. Slide the U-tube all the way out. Re-insert the front part of the U-tube but keep the rear part out and above the insertion point. Put the screws back in place (the rear screw won't be securing anything, it will just be there so you don't lose it). Put a rubber 7/8" chair cap on the rear part of the U-tube to prevent it from scratching the frame. Pivot the back end of the U-tube up. Once high enough, secure the U-tube in place with a camp or  CinchStrap. While children can still rest their feet on the U-tube when it is strapped like this, please prevent children from standing on the U-tube. 

Here is a close up of the U-tube arm strapped in the upwards position. 

Another hitch options:

Bikes At Work Xtracycle Trailer Hitch ($70 - available on

Surly Dummy Hitch ($200 - available on

This hitch would replace the U-tube the non-drive side (left side) of your Xtracycle. The hitch can be left on at all times and the trailer attached and removed as needed. 

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